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New research is bringing light into how to support brain health. Sharpening your memory, preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, and keeping a happy mood all rest on lifestyle factors that you can control.

Lifestyle factors you can control include:

  • controlling your blood pressure and managing other heart health risk factors,
  • eating a brain-healthy diet,
  • having strategies for emotional stress,
  • cognitive training,
  • engaging in social activities,
  • getting adequate sleep,
  • avoiding environmental toxins (including too much alcohol),
  • and getting adequate exercise.

Even if you carry a copy of APOE4, the gene that increases risk for Alzheimer’s disease, you are not doomed. You can take action today. Studies like the The Finnish Geriatric Intervention Trial have proved that you can prevent and slow cognitive decline with lifestyle practices.

The science of neuroplasticity is finding that the brain can rebuild itself! For example, Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) a neurochemical that helps neurons to connect can be increased with physical activity. Eating patterns and lifestyle practices can increase the blood flow to the brain, reduce inflammation, and lower blood sugar levels, which in turn can slow cognitive decline, sharpen your brain, and prevent chronic disease.

A new nutrition and lifestyle plan can help improve your brain health, prevent or reverse cognitive decline, heal a broken brain. We can help you build a brain-healthy diet and lifestyle.

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