Let food and nutrition be your medicine. If you don’t feel good, if you are ill, if you want to lose weight or gain energy—look to your diet. Food has healing powers and your overall diet choice can prevent and alleviate illness, resolve fatigue, and even change your mood. A sustainable diet contains all the nutrients your body needs to maintain health and vitality.

A healthy, sustainable diet tastes fantastic, is easy and simple to prepare, and fits into any lifestyle. We show our clients how to make their diet and healthy lifestyle easy and enjoyable for them. Making a nutritious diet understandable and taste great is our passion!

Teri Underwood, Founder Sustainable Diets

Science continues to expand quickly with new evidence strengthening our knowledge of the crucial connection between nutrition and health. With great scientific certainty, it can be said: your life span, whether or not you develop chronic disease, and the health of your entire body depends on the proper balance of nutrients. Your blood vessels, eyes, skin, muscles, heart, kidney, liver, immune system, brain, digestive system; the production of energy inside every cell in your body rests on the food choices you make. In our modern world today making the right food choices from the available foods in the grocery store, restaurant, or kitchen is not intuitive, it rests on knowledge.

Sustainable Diets provides all clients with nutrition knowledge — therapy and education based on the latest nutrition science and the art of eating well.

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