“Wellness education has been my passion since I was in my early twenties, when I learned about the connection between disease prevention, nutrition, and health.” – Teri Underwood

Teri Underwood, RD, MS, CD, IFMCP is the founder of Sustainable Diets, a nutrition education company specializing in one-on-one nutrition counseling, functional medicine, teaching, and environmental nutrition.

She is an award-winning registered dietitian with over 35 years’ experience as a counselor, educator, and clinical nutritionist.

Education : Teri has an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters of Science degree in nutrition, dietetics, and food science from accredited universities. She is a certified registered dietitian maintaining an ongoing program of continuing education. She is certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine (ifm.org). She also has advanced training in adult weight management, stress management, and health promotion.

Career awards: Outstanding Scholarship in Science from Schoolcraft College, Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, and Excellence in Utah Dietetics Research.

Experience: Teri has held numerous leadership and teaching positions with non-profits, universities, colleges, and professional groups. She has worked in a variety of settings, including worksites, medical clinics, hospitals, and universities. A sample of her diverse experience (complete vitae furnished upon request):

  • Wellness and Disease Prevention: over three decades teaching and implementing heart health, weight loss, and wellness programs, developed and researched programs for preventing heart disease, losing weight, and changing behavior.
  • Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy: became certified in functional medicine, head nutritionist on a nutrition support team, worked with a gastroenterologist treating digestive disorders, managed a diabetic clinic, created the nutrition component of a cardiac rehabilitation program. Teaching clinical nutrition in colleges and universities.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Nutrition: leadership and education with various professional and non-profit groups, Climate Reality Leader.
  • Culinary Arts: teaching quantity cooking and food science at a university, recipe development, cooking demonstrations.
  • Behavior change education, behavior modification research.
  • Writing, Research, Publishing, Editing.

 During her career Teri has worked with >50,000 people to improve their health.

As a personal nutrition counselor, wellness teacher, and clinical nutritionist she has helped people:

  • Regain vitality from debilitating health conditions such as cancer, autoimmune and thyroid disease
  • Lose fat, correct metabolic disease/insulin resistance/lipids, lower blood pressure
  • Adopt permanent healthy habits and make lifestyle changes
  • Discover food sensitivities/intolerances, heal the gut, or rebound after surgery
  • Maximize sports performance

In addition to her love for wellness and nutrition, since 1975, after taking a college course in Human Ecology, Teri has been passionately involved in environmental health. After many decades of study and experience in the environmental and nutrition fields she has a great understanding of the profound connections between the American diet, disease, and the environment. In 2009 Teri launched Sustainable Diets. The company is dedicated to promoting a sustainable diet that achieves good health for people and the planet. In her personal life, Teri is married and lives in Utah. In her spare time Teri can be found cooking and developing recipes, watercolor painting, garlic gardening, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking in the beautiful outdoors of Utah.

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