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Tempeh is part of a sustainable diet because of its nutrient density, good taste, and as a substitute for animal protein—it conserves resources such as water, energy, and land. I prefer to choose organic soybeans because most non-organic soybeans in America are genetically modified. Genetically modified soy and corn foods are engineered to withstand spraying with the herbicide known popularly as “Roundup” (glyphosphate). I am concerned that genetically modified foods and the pesticides used to produce them may pose  health risks for both people and the environment. In addition, GM foods are often grown in a very resource-intensive and unsustainable way. So when you go shopping for Tempeh, look for the USDA organic label, because at the present time genetically modified foods are not labeled, the only way to assure that your soy and corn ARE NOT genetically modified is to buy organic.

Serves Two


2 Tablespoons organic butter or olive oil
1 large onion, coarsely chopped
1 pound mushrooms, coarsely chopped
8 ounces organic wild rice tempeh
2 large whole grain rice tortillas
1 squirt of Bragg Liquid Aminos or gluten free tamari (1 Tablespoon)


Heat a stainless steel skillet on medium heat for a few minutes. Add oil or butter to the skillet, let it melt and then add the onions. Sauté until the onions are tender, then add the tempeh. Continue to cook until the tempeh is slightly browned, then add the mushrooms and 1 squirt of soy sauce (1 Tablespoon). Cover and let cook until the mushrooms are tender. To heat the tortilla, let it steam on top of the tempeh fry with the cover on, then turn to heat the other side. Roll mixture into the tortilla and enjoy!

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