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Need to Lose Fat, Gain Energy, Feel Better?

Try the Sustainable Diets Nutrition Program!

The program includes a complete nutrition and health evaluation and individualized plan geared to reaching your personal nutrition goals, solving your health related problems, and reaching optimum wellness.

Perhaps you have been unable to lose weight? You have nutrition confusion? Or maybe you are not feeling good or you have low energy levels or digestive problems? Maybe your diet is unbalanced? Maybe you are eating the wrong things? You wonder: what are my nutrition needs? How much carbohydrate should I eat? What are my calorie and protein needs? How much water should I drink? All your questions are addressed in the nutrition program by a registered dietitian who has had 30 years of experience and advance training to help you find the answers. The program will show you what to eat that is best for you, clear up your confusion, and find ways to fit a healthy diet into your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle, diet, digestion, metabolism, genetics, physiology, food preferences, work life, eating habits, health problems, and more are factored into the Sustainable Diets Nutrition Program.

For example your program goals may include techniques to regulate your blood sugar and hormones, lower your blood lipids and high blood pressure, solve indigestion issues, optimize metabolism, cook simple foods you like, gain muscle, fuel  for optimal athletic and sports performance, or eat a balanced diet with food restrictions.

Did you know that anyone can call themself a “nutritionist”?

A high school graduate that has taken a nutrition course can legally call themself a “nutritionist”. But only those who go through an accredited program of advanced nutrition study (four year program and 1 year of supervised clinical training) can call themselves “registered dietitian”. The term “registered dietitian” carries with it a legal identity and guarantee of a person that has had proper nutrition training and must have an ongoing continuing education to retain their RD identity. To truly understand the complex science of nutrition and to help you reach your health goals you are best served by a registered dietitian or nutritionist that has received academic training in biochemistry, metabolism, physiology, medical nutrition, foods, and current research on diet and nutrition. To analyze your situation and your health issues you want to find someone that has a very deep understanding of nutrition and health science.

Make sure you check the credentials of your nutrition counselor!

Have they gotten their degree from a one-year online program or did they become a nutritionist through “self-study”? Or did they receive thorough training in an accredited nutrition program from a university? There is a big difference in credentials, qualifications, and ability between the two.

To learn more, or to schedule a free, no-cost 15 minute consult to learn more—call Teri today at 801-831-6967!

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