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Local farms and gardens are now offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions for all four seasons in Park City, Salt Lake City, the state of Utah and throughout the United States. Now is the time to sign up to make sure you get your share.

What is a CSA? CSAs provide a link between local farmers and local communities. The share supporters cover the cost of the farm’s operation by purchasing a share of the season’s harvest. This encourages the farm to thrive.

Signing up for a CSA share has multiple benefits for you, your community, and the planet. It’s Spring, and a great time to make a goal of eating more vegetables and making vegetables a daily healthy habit. A steady supply of fresh, nutrient-packed vegetables makes for a delicious and healing diet and encourages the development of a community-based food system and the preservation of precious local farmland. Many of the small farms that offer CSA shares are organic or farmed without pesticides and artificial fertilizers using sustainable farming methods that maintain soil health. CSAs are a win-win for your health and the environment. And you can talk to the farmer and know how your food was produced. I love that!

Here you will find a link to and a list of CSAs in Utah by location.

Here is a link to Local Harvest where you can search for CSAs in the United States by state.

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