Buying Green: Favorite Earth-Friendly Food Links

If you are considering sustainability when you shop, some of your top questions may be those I have on my mind when I am making my list.

Celebrate Earth Day with a Plant Based Diet

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is by shifting to a healthier and more sustainable plant-based diet (if you have not already)!

Decades of nutrition research have proved that the common denominator for the longest lived and healthiest people and societies is a plant-based diet where meat is eat


Brussels sprouts are one of the popular members of the Cruciferous vegetable family, commonly called “cabbage family vegetables or Brassicas”. Brassicas are nutrient dense—rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Quick Summertime Vegetable Dip

This dip is super easy and quick to prepare. It features protein-packed tofu and antioxidant-rich, delicious cilantro. Cilantro contains a compound called dodecenal which has antimicrobial properties (studies have found cilantro to be as effective as antibiotics at killing salmonella).

It’s time to sign up for your fresh, local CSA produce!

Local farms and gardens are now offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscriptions for all four seasons in Park City, Salt Lake City, the state of Utah and throughout the United States. Now is the time to sign up to make sure you get your share.

Supplement Facts: Coenzyme Q 10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance produced in our body that is important to health. Found in all cells, CoQ10 is needed for energy production. It is a cofactor in our predominant energy pathways—the Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain.

Eat Oats!

Starting your day off with a sustainable steaming bowl of oats is not only delicious and easy, but it can help you lose weight, decrease food cravings, improve your digestion, and more!

Today’s oats originated from the wild red oat, a grass native to Asia.

Diet and Weight Loss Resolutions That Work

Choosing the right habits to target for change can make the difference between permanent success and repeated dieting frustration.

Everything we do and the choices we make about what to eat in a day are the result of our behaviors and habits.

Chicken Italiano

The aromas from this easy-to-prepare, moist, and flavorful dish will fill your house and have everyone asking: “when is dinner?” This is an adaptation of an old family recipe from Italy. The original title was  pronounced by my Grandmother Terry as “Chicken La-vā-ad”.

Growing: Resources for Starting Your Garden

Growing your own food has multiple health and environmental benefits. Here are a few reasons for gardening at home and why I include gardening as part of a sustainable diet:

Good exercise, fresh air and vitamin D from the sun, fun and rewarding, reduces stress.

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