Wellness Programs & Classes

Wellness programs are 6-12 week long programs that help people change habits, lose weight, and reach optimal health through diet and lifestyle. Wellness education has been my passion since I began teaching in 1984, after training with Don Ardell (one of the pioneers of the wellness movement) at the National Center for Health Promotion. For several years I taught the Be Trim weight loss program in Michigan. Inspired by Be Trim and all the people who were losing weight and keeping it off, in 1987 I went to grad school for advance study in behavior modification, nutrition, and heart disease prevention. I developedHealthy Habits, a behavior change, cholesterol-lowering, weight loss program and researched its effectiveness. My award-winning researchfound significantly more weight loss in the program containing behavior modification techniques. In the 1990s, I expanded Healthy Habits into 3 different programs: Nutrition for High Level HealthHealthy Heart Habits, and The Permanent Weigh Down. Since then I have continued to improve these programs and update them with cutting edge nutrition and wellness information and proven effective behavior change techniques.