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Stanford Study on Organic Food


This week there was wide media coverage of a study performed by Stanford University asserting that organic foods are no better for your health than conventionally grown foods. Conventional farms may use artificial fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and/or sewage sludge in food production whereas organic farms have restrictions or are not allowed to use these substances. Laws guiding organic farming that dictate what can be used in farming methods are based on ecological and human health. Dr. Chuck Benbrook an expert on organic foods and agriculture whom I trust has prepared a detailed rebuttal of the Stanford study, finding it to be flawed. You can find the link to the detailed rebuttal from Dr. Benbrook below.

Please continue to eat organic if you can! Foods grown organically are better for your health and also they are better for the environment. Organic agriculture preserves biodiversity (which is now plummeting worldwide). For more information you can read my article Organic Agriculture Supports Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Production, Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 6:4, 398-423 (lead author). If you would like a full copy of this article please email me directly.

Organic agriculture has a lower carbon footprint than conventional agriculture and is important in slowing climate change.

Analysis of Stanford Study on Organic Food


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