About Sustainable Diets

Welcome to Sustainable Diets!

Sustainable Diets is a counseling and education company, owned by Teri Underwood, RD, MS, CD, an award-winning dietitian with over 25 years of experience.

The company mission is to provide counseling and education services about eating a sustainable diet that achieves optimal health for both people and the planet.

A sustainable diet protects both human health and planet health. 

For you as an individual, a sustainable diet must taste good and be enjoyable or you may abandon it. It needs to be affordable and to contain all the nutrients you need to reach and maintain health and vitality. Conversely, an unsustainable diet is one that makes you too fat, or ill, or fatigued. It leads to disease if followed for a long period of time. Learn more about our philosophies about sustainable diets for human and planet health.